Travel Advice & Vaccinations

Travel advice is available from the Practice Nurse. The nurse will advise you, according to the latest WHO guidelines, what vaccinations you will need for the countries you are visiting.

Please ensure that you attend in plenty of time for any recommended courses of vaccinations to be completed and to become effective before your journey.

If it is not possible for a recommended course of vaccination to be completed and become effective we may advise you to visit a travel clinic who may have access to faster acting vaccines.

We regret that, due to the amount of time allocated for a travel consultation, patients who fail to attend will be unable to book a further travel consultation with us. They will have to make alternative arrangements with a travel clinic. This is in addition to being subject to the normal protocol applied to patients who fail to attend for appointments they have booked.

Appointments which are booked but not attended lead to wasted resources and an increase in waiting time for other patients.

For long haul travel please ensure that you complete and submit your assessment form at least two months before you are due to travel, preferably three months.

Due to the schedule length of some courses of vaccination and appointment availability,  we may not have enough time to complete a course of vaccinations according to the recommended schedule. In that instance we would be unable to help and would advise you to attend a travel clinic.

There is currently a UK shortage of Hepatitis A vaccine for both adults and children. We regret that we are unable to provide it at present.

Healthy Lifestyle

Blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and well person checks, smoking, alcohol, diet and exercise advice can be sought from members of our Primary Care team.

We would also like to know if you are a carer of a friend or relative so that we can make sure this is recorded on your record and we can offer you the appropriate help.

Flu Vaccinations

Flu vaccines are available on the NHS.  The vaccines are altered each year to match the type of flu expected in the coming winter, so vaccination is needed annually.

If you have a chronic illness such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease or renal failure, are frail or live in a residential home you should be vaccinated every year in the autumn.  If you think that you should receive vaccination contact your doctor in October or November and ask to be booked in for a flu vaccination.

The vaccine is about 70% – 80% effective against flu. Vaccination can also protect the chronically ill and elderly against further complications, such as pneumonia, which may follow the influenza vaccination.

You cannot get flu from the vaccine although rarely people develop a fever and aching muscles beginning about six hours after the injection and lasting for a day or two. Occasionally you may have some soreness at the site of the injection. People who are allergic to eggs should not be vaccinated. Therefore it is important let your doctor know of any allergies before you are vaccinated.

You should be vaccinated if you:

  • Have a chronic respiratory disease such as asthma or chronic bronchitis;
  • Have a heart disorder;
  • Have a chronic kidney disease;
  • Have diabetes;
  • Are taking steroids, cancer treatment or other drugs which lower your immunity to infections;
  • Are over 65;
  • Are elderly or live in a residential or nursing home;
  • Work in a health care or nursing home sector.

Help yourself by:

  • Trying to stop smoking;
  • Asking the pharmacist for advice about which medicines will help;
  • Seeing your doctor if symptoms last longer or are more severe than expected;
  • Have a flu vaccine if your doctor recommends it.

If you catch flu stay indoors, keep warm, drink plenty of fluids and take paracetamol or aspirin.

Non-NHS Services

In addition to the services provided within our contract within the NHS, our doctors provide a wide range of private services, the current fees for which can be seen by following the link below.

Please not that most of the work our doctors carry out is within the NHS contract, other work takes place in their own time. We ask that you allow time for our doctors to complete any forms or reports etc. that you require. If an item is required urgently, within 5 working days, an uplift of up to 50% of the fee may be applied.